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Welcome to our ESE Coffee Pod & Coffee internet shop   

Place your order using our secure payment system. We supply both retail and trade customers across the UK who have come to rely on the service and reputation that we have worked hard to achieve since 1999.  We are  Espressione International Ltd so your are buying your ESE pods direct from the importer.

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ESE Coffee Pod system

Our Mission Statement is 'to create a collection of the finest coffee to sell in all the major world markets under our ESPRESSIONE brand name'. The perfect cup of espresso begins with the most important ingredient… THE COFFEE!.

We have searched the globe for the finest quality espresso coffee and have found them in Italy …. An old-world Italian coffee roasting company, based near the Amalfi Coast. This company has been in business for over 50 years, having mastered the technique of producing blends of coffee from the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees. Our roasting company produces and sells various blends of coffee for professional coffee bars, domestic consumption and automatic vending machines. With their high quality products, the company enjoys an active presence in both the Italian domestic and international markets. Due to their size and flexibility, they are able to guarantee swift and efficient deliveries of our range of products.

The most important new trend in the consumer market is the use of the easy serving espresso (or pod), marketed with the label E.S.E. Why individual espresso coffee servings? These coffee servings are an innovative system designed for absolute simplicity in the preparation of Espresso coffee; seven grams of coffee compressed into a practical filter package. The E.S.E. system (Easy Serving Espresso) is ideal for guaranteeing the level of coffee quality and is now a brand name protected by the Italian 'Consortium for Development' .

At home, in the office, wherever you want, thanks to the E.S.E. standard it is possible to enjoy to the full the intense flavour of a quality Espresso, the unmistakable aroma of a cup of Espresso made to perfection. With E.S.E the coffee is perfectly proportioned and sealed in a safe filter paper; no more guessing how much ground coffee to put into the filter holder, no more mess from spilt coffee, no more poor quality drinks.

With the E.S.E the maintenance of the machine is minimal and the aroma and flavour of the coffee remains constant. A further advantage is that E.S.E portioning is also ecological because the filter paper used in our process is environmentally friendly. We believe so strongly that E.S.E is the ONLY way to package coffee that we do not offer any other methods of packaging!.

How does the serving system work? The individual portions of coffee that is the - COFFEE SERVING SYSTEM - offers an extremely practical, efficient, fast and clean way of obtaining an authentic Espresso. The SERVINGS (coffee pods) are individual compressed portions of fresh ground coffee packed between two sheets of food-grade filter paper. In this way you are assured of receiving the perfect quantity of coffee (7gr.), ground and compressed to just the right point for producing an Espresso.



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